Today I decided I wanted to get out and finally do my own real, outdoors, dressed up photoshoot of my kids for the first time since my son was born. I was impatient and did this at 1 in the afternoon instead of waiting until the evening light, but that’s what shady trees are for, right!?

I realized that I didn’t have anything nice for my 7 month old to wear for the photos, so we took a quick trip to Target first. Big sister ofcourse wanted a new outfit since the baby man was getting one…so $40 and one chaotic wardrobe change in the car, and we were ready for our little photoshoot!

I needed to keep it simple, shady, and easy to access, so we just went down the street from our apartment to Purgatory Creek Park in San Marcos, and used the grassy area out by the parking lot. My daughter was hot and cranky, my baby boy needed a nap, and I really could’ve used another adult with me to help get them looking at the camera…

LUCKILY, I managed to get about 12 good shots in the 10 (or less) minutes that we managed to last hahaha… Here are my faves!:


Family and Kid Photography in Austin

While I do specialize in weddings and couples, I love to sprinkle some family and children’s portraits in to my schedule as much as I can!

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