Usually I’m out photographing weddings, brides, families, and senior portraits, so this wasn’t the usual gig for me; a baby shower!

When I was first contacted to be the event photographer for a baby shower in Buda, I was expecting a little party at a house, or maybe a restaurant. I was not expecting to get to shoot at one of the prettiest wedding venues in the Austin Area: Garden Grove Wedding and Event Venue. 

I have to admit that I got a little camera happy while the guests were busy eating and took a bunch of detail shots of the property. I may have to do a separate blog post of just the Venue to show it off a little!

Austin Wedding and Event Photographer

For all event photography, I now come stocked with “You’ve Been Photographed!” cards to pass out to your guests when their photo has been taken! These cards include a link to the gallery, with a password, where they will be able to find candid, and any posed family/group photos taken of them during your event. They are then able to download their photos for free, and/or order prints!

To inquire and book me for your wedding, party or event, contact me by email, or call me at 512-831-1900! 

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