Kindred Oaks Party | Retirement/Going Away | Austin Event Photographer

Kindred Oaks Party | Retirement/Going Away | Austin Event Photographer

by Harper Jones

Yesterday I got to drive up to Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, Texas, for a retirement/going-away party.  Catherine and Jo are partners who have worked with Kindred Oaks for a long time and are getting ready to retire and move to Oregon!  They were married last year, and apparently never had a real wedding reception so this also tripled as one (which explains the first dance, and the cake cutting!).

They are both clearly amazing people who are dearly loved by so many, which was made clear by the countless tearful toasts given by their guests.  It was actually supposed to be a roast, but nobody had anything other than great things to say about the two!
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Chad + Shannon | Creekside Venue Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer

Chad and Shannon were married on a rainy Friday, March 11, 2016, at Creekside Venue in Driftwood, Texas.  The rain taunted us all day before finally letting up just in time for the ceremony, rainbow included.  Let me tell you.. the reception was a BLAST! I even wanted to get out there and dance, and that’s saying something. Congrats to you guys, and have a happy marriage!
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