Central Texas Portrait & Wedding Photographer | Monthly Grow-With-Me Session

_DSC3303Back in the summer I ran a promotion that offered children’s sessions for only $75, and met baby Jaxson for the first time!  His mommy wound up pre-paying for 6 more photoshoots, using the summer promo, to do monthly sessions until Jaxson turns 1.  Next month will be our last session; his 1st birthday photoshoot!  I’ve loved getting to see him grow, so much, and I’m going to miss not seeing him every month.

This month he has two sweet little teeth!! and had a lot of adorable baby talk that I hadn’t heard before.  See you next month, Jaxson!

This baby boy’s photoshoot was done at Dittmar Park in South Austin, Texas.

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Austin Family Photographer |Trip To Massachusetts!

This week, my daughter, Teagan, and I are in Pepperell, Ma, visiting my sister and her family; my brother-in-law, Richie, and my almost-3-year-old niece, Claire!

Pepperell is SO beautiful in the fall, and the weather up here is soooo nice right now!

Yesterday we visited a farm, and I got to take a lot of really cute pictures of Teagan and her cousin in the pumpkin patch.  We also saw some goats, and ate some apple cinnamon donuts.  Pretty much anyone’s definition of a perfect day.   We’ll be here until the 12th, so don’t be surprised if this blog post magically updates with even more photos from our trip.  I’m so glad I brought my camera!

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