Harper Jones, Austin Wedding Photographer

Who am I?

My name is Harper Jones, and I am an Austin Wedding Photographer, Engagement Photographer, and outdoor Portrait Photographer.

I’m also a mom of two, and soon-to-be-wife!

I officially opened my own business in 2014, with a continuing goal to be one of the top wedding photographers in Austin, Texas.

Why Wedding Photography?

Years back, when I was a teenager, I had a huge interest in taking pictures. I used to dress up my friends, do their makeup, and take them out for photoshoots.

Sure, looking back, I did a terrible job, but this was where my passion grew and led me to getting my first DSLR camera on my 19th birthday!

Interestingly, it was my first marriage that inspired me to become a wedding photographer. For our wedding, I had the chance to see a professional wedding photographer in action for the first time, and was fascinated by the entire process.

I saw, for the first time, the way she posed people, used light, and captured moments to create the images I’d seen in her portfolio. I loved the idea of getting to go to hundreds of beautiful weddings, and be able to capture them artistically.

My Work-Flow

With Bride and Groom portraits, I take pride in my skill and ability to pose my clients in ways that are both natural and visually striking, while taking full control to ensure that they are never unsure of what to do next.

When posing my clients for portraits, I alternate between two different methods:

·       I quickly, but meticulously direct every detail of the pose:

from head to toe, including direction on where to look, where to place your hands, how to stand, and how to hold your face.

I pay attention to the way the dress hangs, how the bride’s hair falls, and ensure that the angles and positions are flattering for both clients.





·       I take a loosely posed, but candid approach.

My goal is to bring out the true personalities of the couple, by providing quick but clear instructions for posing and photographing not only the directed pose, but also the movement before the final pose, and the natural laughter or chemistry that flows immediately after.






I work quickly and efficiently during portraits, keeping a close eye on the time to help you keep to your schedule.

For low-light reception lighting, I prefer to use minimal artificial lighting of my own, and chase the ambient lighting of the venue to maintain the natural, almost moody look to my photos.

I generally make this possible by using an on-camera speedlight and bouncing it off of the walls and ceiling behind me, to avoid any harsh shadows and keep that warm creaminess to my night-shots.

Who knows if this is the way that I will always shoot in low-light, but right now it is a look that I absolutely love!!

I enjoy capturing the details, both large and small, of the weddings that I am privileged to be a part of, and love the experience of witnessing the behind-the-scenes aspects of all of the events that I get to cover.

In the end, my ultimate goal is to provide my clients with as many beautiful photos as I can, capturing as many moments and details as possible from the time I arrive to the time I leave.  In particular, I want to provide gorgeous portraits and printed albums of the Bride and Groom that can be displayed and admired for the years to come.

I am a Reliable, Skilled, and Professional Wedding Photographer in Austin, Texas

Are you interested in booking me to be your Austin wedding photographer? Contact me, today!