Today was amazing!  I got to be a part of a beautiful little wedding, in southeast Austin at Chapel Dulcinea.

Tasha and Chanae are such a beautiful couple, and were so easy to be around.

They were married at 10:30am, surrounded by only their closest family (and me..), and their vows were so sweet that I had to take a couple of breaks from shooting to wipe my nose.

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Austin Family Photographer | Fall Mini-Session

These guys contacted me yesterday asking if there was any way I could do a last minute mini-session for them, because they are moving away and wanted to get some family photos of them in Austin before they said goodbye. I think that was such a sweet idea!

We met at Shoal Beach at Town Lake Metropolitan Park on Lake Austin, in Downtown Austin, Texas.  It was so beautiful out there at 10:30am, and the weather is PERFECT now that Fall is finally cooling us down around here!


Austin Family Photographer |Trip To Massachusetts!

This week, my daughter, Teagan, and I are in Pepperell, Ma, visiting my sister and her family; my brother-in-law, Richie, and my almost-3-year-old niece, Claire!

Pepperell is SO beautiful in the fall, and the weather up here is soooo nice right now!

Yesterday we visited a farm, and I got to take a lot of really cute pictures of Teagan and her cousin in the pumpkin patch.  We also saw some goats, and ate some apple cinnamon donuts.  Pretty much anyone’s definition of a perfect day.   We’ll be here until the 12th, so don’t be surprised if this blog post magically updates with even more photos from our trip.  I’m so glad I brought my camera!

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