Austin Family Photographer | Family Session

Look at this gorgeous family I got to work with last night!  The youngest one, which they lovingly call “Chunky,” because he was apparently a little chunkster when he was younger, probably didn’t stop smiling the entire time we were there, so I ended up with a sort of disproportionate number of shots of him, but it’s okay because I got plenty of the rest of the family, too!  🙂

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Austin Family Photographer | Child Session

by Harper Jones 72 Comments

I get to see this little guy once a month for the next 6 months because we are doing monthly sessions! This is our second session, and he is 7 months old, now, and his mom had the cute idea to bring in a little bit of a football theme because his daddy is a football coach!

It’s so cool to capture the difference just 4 weeks can make with babies..he could barely sit on his own last time, and now he’s pretty stable..and can stand as long as he has something sturdy to hold on to (me too, kid.  Me too). I absolutely can’t wait to get to watch him grow.

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